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22nd June 2012

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I’m making lunch this afternoon, microwavable chicken strips. While I’m waiting for the microwave to ding, I read the package for the chicken strips. There, I was confronted with a blatant act of transphobia.

The package proudly proclaimed “NO TRANSFAT!”

I was so fucking triggered. How dare this company discriminate against transfat individuals by banning them from consuming their product! I was so triggered that I read the label for the barbeque sauce I was using for dipping sauce. Again, “NO TRANSFAT.”

Our society is so transphobic I can’t even. How are we letting companies advertise, no, BRAG about their transphobia?! THIS IS PROBLEMATIC. I LIKE PROBLEMATIC THINGS.

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    how could the patriarchy do this
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    this is a joke i love it but thank you for just being a joke
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    yeah how dare those scientists prove that trans-fats are worse for you than cis-fats?!
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    I love SJW satire! :>